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Wheelchair Van Specifications and Inventory

Access Mobility Systems: New & Used wheelchair vans and handicapped accessible minivans to Seattle, Washington, and the surrounding communities. We service and sell the best handicapped wheelchair accessible vans. Come see our inventory of used and new wheel chair vans. Our   handicapped vehicles include conversion van from Braun, Rollx,VMI, IMS, El Dorado, Vision, and Ricon. AMS: Seattle Washington's leading dealer for vans for disabled and vans with lifts




AMS offers a complete selection of top of the line new, used, mini, and full size van conversions for wheelchair, scooter, and power chair accessibility for the disabled and handicapped.  Our vehicle pages offer full vehicle descriptions and photographs.

Click here for a complete list of vans for sale.

Honda Odyssey Wheelchair van blue 2010


The Mini Van Conversion is built with the active lifestyle in mind. Lowering the floor, rather than raising the roof, allows every occupant to enjoy the same visibility, maneuverability and headroom these mini vans are famous for.

Click here fore more info on mini van conversions


At AMS, we offer Full Size Van Conversion options geared toward people who desire additional height and interior room.

Click here for more info on full size conversions


At AMS, we offer Custom Sprinter Conversion options. Sprinters can be converted with either a side lift, or rear lift. They can comfortably accommodate more than one wheelchair or scooter, and are perfect for long distance travels

Click here for more info on full size conversions


The Honda Odyssey has been handed many awards, including the ConsumerGuide "Best Buy for 2010". By taking the best in class minivan and modifying it with VMI's premium Northstar or Summit conversion the finest available, we are giving you the best of both worlds. Go ahead spoil yourself.

Click here for more info on Honda Odyssey conversions

2010 Dodge SXT wheechair  accessible van silver
2010 Ford E150 wheelchair accessible conversion van
Sprinter ALS wheelchair van
2010 Honda Odyssey paralyzed accessible van

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Access Mobility Systems
is a QAP 5 Star facility. AMS adheres to national guidelines, that our staff welders are certified, and that all our technicians are factory trained and certified in the products we install and service. Our commitment is to safety, excellent customer service and quality products.

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