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Wheelchair Van Prices

Cost of lowered floor conversions, modifications, and accessories

The easiest way to understand the costs of a handicapped accessible, lowered floor vehicle is to understand that the wheelchair modifications comes in two parts....

The minivan (AKA the chassis).

The conversion, aka the lowered floor ramp part.

In addition, these ramp equipped vehicles are built to the lowest common denominator, ie, the floor is lowered from the rear seats to the front firewall. That means that post manufacturing conversion, we modify here at our dealership the vehicle to each user's specific needs.

These customizations include:

Hand controls for wheelchair drivers

EZlock electronic lockdown mechanisms for drivers and passengers.

Transfer Seats

modifications to the power steering, vehicle controls, etc.....

And many more....

Obviously the prices are therefore dependent on a host of factors and considerations, and therefore difficult to pin down without consultation with the customer directly, review of any driver evaluator's recommendations, and budget. For vehicles that are going to be used as a transport vehicle with a caregiver driving situation, often no additional modifications are needed.

The car is either a Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country, or Honda Odyssey minivan. The prices of those range from the low $20K to the mid $40K, depending on model and trim levels. We pass through to you any current mfg rebates and specials. Due to the way the conversion mfgs are set up, you CANNOT purchase one of these vehicles new on your own, and send it to us for conversion, it must be purchased through us. (The only caveat to this is if it is a used vehicle. In that case, as long as it is no older than 1 model year, and less than 30K miles, the conversion companies can convert for a slightly higher upcharge.)

The conversions costs run about $23K - $25K plus shipping.

The customizations are unique to each individual situation, but the you can expect:

Hand Controls - $1.3K - $4K

Transfer Seats - $2.2K - $3K

Electronic lockdowns - $1.4K - $4K

Misc modifications - $1K - $100K (not a typo)

Only about 40% of our vehicle sales require post conversion modification. The remaining 60% find the base configuration meets all of their needs.


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